The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia/Meetings/26 June 2011

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On 26 June 2011, Tony, Murray, Leigh and John met after the Brisbane Wikipedia Meetup. Thanks to Lankiveil who arranged an excellent meeting space with the Queensland Library, and joined us to discuss the project.

Laura Hale and NSIC dimension[edit | edit source]

  1. Wikipedia: Conflict resolution – issue between Laura Hale and another Wikipedia editor seems to be a problem with the latter. Laura Hale to continue with the Wikipedia dimension of the project.
  2. Laura to get resources from the NSIC in relation to the 1996 Paralympic Games and complete the 1996 Wikipedia page.
  3. Next to work on specific pages (as highlighted by the committee).
  4. Leigh to prepare a draft code of practice for the project

Details of Wikipedia pages[edit | edit source]

  1. Wikipedia pages to focus on Paralympic Games (Winter and Summer 22 Games) and Commonwealth Paraplegic Games (4 Games).
  2. Related Wikipedia pages to be created for medal athletes, coaches and administrators to be developed as the project continues.
  3. Strategies for encouraging volunteer contributors to Wikipedia pages – talk pages, red link (add more information), add comment in the top of the page as well as provision of images, vision and audio.
  4. Balance needed between employment of contractors and volunteers, as well as text and images, to establish pages.
  5. Approach to generate interest from Wikipedia community is to be generated by Leigh and John, most likely will consist of a mix of topics and list of resources to be provided for volunteers.
  6. Brief discussion of the editorial process on the Wikipedia pages: User submits, and community checks, and academic confirmation. Murray and Tony will edit w:Australia at the 1996 Summer Paralympics and provide feedback.

Formal Agreement progress[edit | edit source]

  1. Agreements are being organised at present between APC, UQ and UC.
  2. Issues to be resolved include contracts between APC and UQ, and UQ and UC. Related issues include mode of subcontracting, method of payments, and payment of contractors who have already conducted work.

Launch discussion and details[edit | edit source]

  1. Virtual announcement of the launch of the history of the Australian Paralympic Movement will be during the week starting July 11. Project space on Wikipedia will be created and available for the launch.
  2. Launched to be tied with the completion of the Australia at the 1996 Summer Paralympic Games Page.

6 month plan (July – December 2011)[edit | edit source]

  1. Australia at the 1996 Summer Paralympic Games Page completed
  2. Library resources generated
  3. Task Force Page completed
  4. Images and Video available
  5. 10 Wikipedia Games pages created
  6. Establishment of a community of contributors