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This is a hub for the Community Virtual Library projects which support real world librarianship in virtual worlds. We have a growing presence in virtual worlds. We have a branch library in Second Life, as well as Hypergrid Resources Library branches in OpenSim on the Avacon and Kitely grids.

Our mission is to collect, organize, curate, and archive virtual worlds to promote increased access and digital literacy and citizenship in the emerging connected metaverse.

Visit the pages below to learn more about each of our projects.

Community Virtual Library Projects[edit | edit source]

Community Virtual Library Board Members & Staff[edit | edit source]

Contact Us In-World: In Second Life, contact one of the CVL officers – preferably by dropping a notecard (IMs tend to get capped!)

  • Valerie Hill, PhD. Director, Community Virtual Library. In-world: Valibrarian Gregg
  • Carla Pritchett- Head Reference Librarian. In-world: Suemoon Magic
  • Jodie Landon - CVL Nonprofit Commons Branch
  • Bethany Winslow, M.S.Ed. - Project Lead, Hypergrid Resources Library. In-world: BethanyTheVirtualVersion (SL), Bethany Winslow (Kitely & Avacon)
  • Marie Vans - Digital Citizenship Museum Director. In-world: amvans Lapis
  • Beth O'Connell - CVL Communications Leader. In-world: Beth Ghostraven
  • Becky Adams - VW Education Consultant. In-world Elli Pinion
  • Lorelei Junot (CVL Consultant, Leader Emeritus)
  • Abbey Zenith (CVL Consultant, Leader Emeritus)

Community Virtual Library Partnerships[edit | edit source]

Additional Reading[edit | edit source]