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Terrorism implies the use of violence to terrorize a population or government for certain political,religious or ideological purpose.Today Terrorism is associated with war-like activities that violate human and civil rights.The treat of terrorism has become a worldwide concern with several parts of the world ruling under frequent terrorist strikes.With little concern for human lives, terrorists continues to strike with impurity, leaving death & destruction as trail, wherever they choose to inflict their blows.Terrorism is the plague of the 21st Century global mass media terrorize populations with the reports of shocking terrorist attacks.

Its hard to curb terrorism for several reasons

  • Terrorists are well organized with a point plan
  • They are unseen and camouflaged
  • They are outrageous, resolute, fearless and stubborn.
  • Terrorists have support of the civilians who are on their side.

Terrorism is our nightmare, unseen danger that may cost us our life.Terrorism is a criminal act, since no fight for justice can be justified by murders of innocent people.There have been several terror attacks in India, resulting in grievous loss of lives and properties.Without extricating the roots of terrorism our governments will never achieve positive results.The major areas where terrorist attacks in India are Jam-mu and Kashmir, east-central and south-central India and seven sisters.

Terrorism is a response to oppression,poverty and discrimination. Unemployment also have been a major cause due to which terrorist groups lure the young generation to it.Terrorism is an asymmetric form of conflict because it always divides all the participants involved. It is a strategy and a tactic,a duty and a crime a reaction to oppression and an inexcusable abomination. When human rights are universally respected terrorism will not have a justifiable sort under its feet.

Cultivate love,not hate in your heart.Try to understand what driver terrorists.Remember,terrorism is like a love triangle it is different from a terrorist's victim's or public opinion's perspectives.

Discussion questions[edit | edit source]

  • Can drone technology be used to mitigate or stop terrorism?
  • How might artificial intelligence and aerial drones be utilized to stop terrorism potentially?
  • What motivates individuals to engage in terrorism?
  • What measures are currently taken to reduce and stop terrorism?
  • Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz labeled psychiatric coercion as medicalized terrorism. What does it meant to medicalize something? What does Thomas Szasz mean when he proclaimed this? Is this a valid statement? Why or why not?