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Dalai Lama & Bishop Tutu

The Dalai Lama was born on July 6, 1935, in Tibet. After the Chinese invasion, he moved to Dharamsala in northern India. From there he travels widely in the world giving many lectures. In 1989 he received the Nobel Peace Prize. The Dalai Lama is the head of all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhism is a rational system. The Dalai Lama said, "When science discovers something else, we will change the Buddhism."

Dalai Lama[edit | edit source]

The 14. Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) has promised to save all beings. But he does it in his own way. He goes strolling through life. He practices a little, saves the world a little, teach wisdom a little and laughs a lot, especially. He convinces the people in the West because he is a Buddha of Joy. His biggest joke is the claim that he is not enlightened. The Dalai Lama likes to appear modest. Thus he is loved by most people. His teaching is simple, "Be a good person. If all people are good, there is a good world. It does not matter whether you're Christian, Buddhist or Atheist. It is only important that we all strive to be good people."

Globe Meditation[edit | edit source]

1. Globe = We visualize the earth beneath us, rub the earth with our feet and think, "May all beings be happy. May the world be happy."

2. Television = What man on television today touches you negative or positive? Clean the energetic connection, visualize him as a Buddha. Give him a positive sentence. Think the sentence as a mantra until you have overcome all attachment or rejection. Everything you see outside makes a knot in your soul. Create harmony in your mind. The first step to happiness is to create a positive world in your mind. We move a hand and send all the people in the television light: "I send light too. I wish him / her wisdom, love and happiness. May all people on TV be Buddhas or Goddesses of love."

3. Goddess = We rub our hands before the heart chakra. We visualize ourselves as a Buddha or a Goddess: " I am a Goddess (Buddha). I go the way of the positive. I live in peace, love, and happiness."

4. Enlightened Masters = We rub the hands over our head and ask the enlightened masters for guidance and help. We connect us spiritually with their energy, "Om all enlightened masters. Om inner wisdom. Please guide and help on my way."

5. Mantra = We put our hands together in the lap, move our feet and think many times the mantra " Om Shanti" in our body, in our legs, and in the whole world. We stop a minute every thought. We relax.

Buddha orakle[edit | edit source]

40. The spiritual way of a Bodhisattva (Karma Yogi) is a light path. Although he knows dark phases, mostly he will lead more and more into the light. Create your life as a light path. Orient yourself at positive role models, live by positive principles and realize a happy life. Go ahead on a middle path. Stride forward in your speed. Live the right balance of peace, power, love, wisdom, and joy. Make your spiritual path beautiful. Practice so that you feel good on your way. Success.

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