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Wmdgs-nationality, residence, and travel (South America) in South America


{{Wmdgs-nationality, residence, and travel (South America)|
| Show instructions ("y" shows instructions for this survey) = 
| Brazil = 
| Peru = 
| Chile = 

This template creates an entry field for countries (or alternately states, territories, provinces, etc.) used in the geography surveys

To add a country to this template:

1. Add the name of the country and an image filename for the flag (browse commons:Category:Flags by country for images), using the following (substituted)template:

| Country name = 
| Flag image (do not include the "Image:" prefix) = 

2.Add the text created to the template text (just above the line reading </td></tr></table><noinclude>). 3. Add the Country name to the bottom of the copy-pasting area (on a new line just above the }} at the bottom), using the same format as the fields above it.