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Crystal128-desktop.svg Type classification: this is a {{{nameuc}}} resource.

Documentation[edit source]

Usage[edit source]

{{Type box}}

List of parameters[edit source]

Mandatory[edit source]
  • name: the name of the resource type.
  • nameuc: the name of the resource type, allowing uppercase letters in it. This parameter is optional if name is defined.
Optional[edit source]
  • text: specifies an alternative text (overrides the default text).
  • cat: specifies the category in which to transcategorize resource pages.
  • article: specifies the grammatical article. Either 'a' or 'an'.
  • leading-text: nested inside the text parameter. Overrides the default 'this is ' text.
  • trailing-text: nested inside the text parameter. Overrides the default ' resource' text. Note that in order to allow a leading space in the text (which is usually desirable), the text should be enclosed in <nowiki> tags.
  • link: specifies the help page of the resource type.
  • add: specifies text to append to the end of the default text.
  • theme: value 0 to 14; specifies an alternative colour scheme.
  • icon: specifies an alternative icon; just give it the image name.
  • style: switches between the different project box styles.
  • visible: toggles between categorise-only (invisible) or category+box (visible) modes.