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Similar templates at English sister projects [edit]
Wikipedia-logo.png wpd Wikipedia TLX
Commons-logo.svg cms Commons TLX
Wikibooks-logo.svg wbk Wikibooks TLX
Wikispecies-logo.svg wsp Wikispecies TLX
Wikiversity-logo.svg wvy Wikiversity TLX

Usage: {{Tlx|template name|first parameter|...}}
Up to three parameters for the specified template are displayed as placeholders, more parameters are shown as "|etc.", for details see the en.talk page.

Documentation[edit source]

{{TLX}} is a generalization of {{Tl|x}}, {{Tlp|x|y}}, {{Tl2|x|y|z}}, etc. with arguably better readable output. This depends on the browser, but too narrow uses of "{", "|", "}" in conjunction with links can be hard to read.

Usage[edit source]

{{TLX|template name}}
{{TLX|template name|param}}
{{TLX|template name|1|2|3}}
{{TLX|template name|1|2|3|more}}
{{TLX|template name|param=value}}

Up to three placeholders for parameters of the specified template

Example[edit source]

On the source sister project, en.wikipedia, X0, X1, X2,..., X9 are sandbox templates for experimentation. Here they show as redlinks, as no auto-cleansing software facility exists.
Code Result Remark
{{Tlx|x0}} {{x0}}  
{{Tlx|x1|one}} {{x1|one}}  
{{Tlx|x2|one|two}} {{x2|one|two}}  
{{Tlx|x3}} {{x3|1|2|3}}  
{{Tlx|x4|4}} {{x4|1|2|3|4}} up to 3 parameters
{{Tlx|x4}} {{x4|1|2|3|4}} | for more
{{Tlx|x1|x=u}} {{x1}} = won't work
{{Tlx|x1|x=u}} {{x1|x=u}} = is okay
{{Tlx|x1|<nowiki>x=u</nowiki>}} {{x1|x=u}} sticky nowiki is okay
{{Tlx|x2| |two}} {{x2|two}} empty won't work
{{Tlx|x2|&#32;|two}} {{x2| |two}} &#32; is okay
{{Tlx|x2|&nbsp;|two}} {{x2| |two}} &nbsp; is okay
{{Tlx|x2|&#124; two}} {{x2|| two}} &#124; is okay
{{Tlx|x2|{{!}} two}} {{x2|| two}} {{!}} is dubious
{{Tlx|x2|2=|3=two}} {{x2|two}} empty really doesn't work
{{Tlx|x2|2=one|two}} {{x2|two}} two clobbers 2=one
{{Tlx|x2|3=two|2=one}} {{x2|one|two}} right to left okay