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ON;This template is a global register used in constructs like:

  1. {{#ifeq:{{Silence}}|OFF|<includeonly>|Documentation suppressed by {{lts|Silence}} }}
  2. {{#ifeq:{{Silence}}|OFF|</includeonly>|END OF Documentation suppressed by {{lts|Silence}} }}

each of which is internally located inside an template noinclude block... that would normally display when editing the page.
The register holds Only two legal values 'ON' or 'OFF'. Any other definition may break someone's logic.

The benefit to this is the documentation inside the noinclude block nesting can still contain explanatory inline comments, template calls, etcetera, yet be shut down for debugging and changing around things inside the template, keeping a short screen between edit window and code being worked... without the length and distraction of the self-documentation.

Caution: This method needs be inside an noinclude block, or the text gets transcluded regardless of the outcome of boolean tests cited above!!!

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