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Purpose/Usage[edit source]

Template:Space (edit talk links history)

This is a short-form 'alias' for the template {{space}}, which it calls, if necessary, with the default of '3', but will also accept a numeric argument and pass same onto space.

  • 'space' is extremely useful to align things like 'monthname year' lists inside a table, but shoves the table innards around creating wrapped edit lines and disorganizing the columnar nature of such a flat table columnized list.
's', by defaulting to '3' ('NN') spaces thus takes up far less width and leaves the editor less confused by replacing either 'NN' '& nbsp ;' and/or '& emsp ;' HTML codes or the 'space' template width itself allowing one to finesse things like lining up the years between a column of dates or other unequal length text fields, and other such naturally misaligning tabular data.
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for example
{{space|5}}<u>Heading one{{space|18}}Heading two:{{space|4}}</u>{{indent|5}}November 2005 <----------->{{space|5}}November 2005{{indent|5}}May 2006{{space|5}} <----------->{{space|6}}May{{space|7}}2006...
(all a one line entry, or can be spaced out some) gives:

   Heading one          Heading two:   

     November 2005 <----------->   November 2005
     May 2006    <----------->    May    2006

Note MSIE technical limitations do not show the above columns properly aligned as do more advanced browsers.

See also[edit source]

          See also {{space}} && {{indent}} and it's shortform {{I}}. All do not give an absolutely calculable display due to the working of wiki system display software, which abhors double whitespace and whitespace clarity, but are effective work-arounds once a text line length is established... which seem to be parsed for display back to front by wiki system software.