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Usage[edit source]

Used to format an academic peer review for an article. Reviewers are anonymous by default, but may optionally choose to use their full name.

Also adds the talk page to the relevant category within Category:Articles by reviewer count

 |reviewer    = Name of reviewer (anonymous by default)
 |affiliation = Reviewer's affiliation if identity open
 |link        = URL link to identity of peer reviewer (e.g. faculty page or ORCID)
 |version     = URL link to version of the text before peer review (typically 'permalink'; see below)
 |date        = Date of review submission
 |text        = Review text

 |pdf         = PDF attachment (e.g. Review_of_XYZ.pdf)
 |credentials = Reviewer's relevant experience to review article if anonymous (optional)

A permalink URL to the current version of a page can be generated from the "Permanent link" option on the left. Permalinks for any previous version can be found in the article's history tab.

See also[edit source]

{{response}} - a response to peer review template
{{Editor's comments}}