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  • This template generates a random mascot which could, for example, be added to a newcomer's talk page, as a fun way to say welcome and hello.
  • Use {{subst:Random mascot}}
  • Currently, this will select from those listed at Category:Random mascot - more welcome!
  • By hitting refresh below, you can regenerate example random mascots.

Add a mascot[edit]

If you want to add a new random mascot, here's the steps:

  1. Create a page in the user: namespace for the new mascot - optional: register the user
  2. Create a new Category:Random mascot template
  3. Adapt the code in this template to include the new random mascot template as one of the randomly selected possibilities.


Crystal Clear app gnome.png
Woof! My name is Jack Russell. I am a dog and a Wikiversity mascot. I am pretty new around Wikiversity. Perhaps we can learn together! Tail wag...

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