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This article has been peer reviewed. A permanent link to peer reviewed revision is located at [{{{1}}}]. A peer review statement (found [{{{2}}} here]) has had its authenticity verified by the Volunteer Response Team as archived in the Wikimedia OTRS system at ticket #{{{3}}} (accessible to users with an OTRS account).

Usage[edit source]

This template is intended for use in the process of peer review verification, where a peer review certification has been verified, at least in the sense that the people who have signed the certification have been contacted to confirm that they indeed have signed it as it appears online, and their positions or titles have been confirmed.

Wiki-code for this template:

{{Peer review verified|URL of permament link to the peer reviewed revision, with both = signs in the URL replaced with =|URL of peer review statement|Ticket number|Additional ticket number (if applicable)}}

Example of template:

{{Peer review verified|https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Average_weight_of_a_conventional_teaspoon_made_of_metal|2012102310012296|2012102310012312}}

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