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Usage[edit source]

Step 1[edit source]

This template should only be used for pages moved out of mainspace and into either draft or user space. Before moving the page, place the following text at the bottom of the project's top page:

If this project has {{Subpages/Simple}}, they are listed below:
[[Category:Pages moved from mainspace]]

Step 2[edit source]

Make a list of all major contributors to the page and place {{subst:Pagemove announcement|oldpagename|newpagename}} on the those users' talk pages.

Step 3[edit source]

Move the page from mainspace to either userspace or draftspace. Be sure to include all subpages on the move. At some point in this process, the redirect must be removed (details have yet to be worked out.)

Step 4[edit source]

Remove all category statements (except for Category:Pages moved from mainspace). Remove or dewikify the templates too.

Removal of a project from mainspace

To Template:Pagemove announcement:

The project [[{{{1}}}]] has been moved to [[{{{2}}}]]

A tentative decision has been made to remove this project from mainspace. If this move is not under discussion at Wikiversity:Requests for Deletion, you may make a request regarding this project at Wikiversity:Request custodian action.

Yours truly, --~~~~