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{{{items page name}}}



{{Template:One Box Section E/{{{items page name}}}}}

This is a template for creating a one box section with editable items.

(For more complex boxes see Template:Two Box Section and Template:Three Box Section)


{{One Box Section
|theme = <insert a number between 1 and about 15 or maybe higher  ...>
|image   = 
|items page name = <e.g. orientation>
|title   = 
|subtitle = 
|text   = 


All these variables are optional and can be left blank.

image - use normal image syntax to add a logo for project. Preferable to use image around 64 x 64 px in size.

title - of the section.

items page name - the page to be inserted into the box.

subtitle - of the section. Can include any normal wiki syntax.

text - Can include any normal wiki syntax.