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When to use[edit]

Use this template to indicate that there are currently zero inline citations in the resource. For resources with both inline citations and a list of general references, use {{More footnotes}} instead. For resources that do not contain general references, but which need a greater number citations, use {{More references}}.

An inline citation is any system that associates a given piece of an resource with a specific citation. The two most popular forms are clickable footnotes (<ref> tags, which produce numbered footnotes like this: [1]) and parenthetical references (e.g., (Smith 2010)). Other resources use manually formatted footnotes or embedded citations.

How to use[edit]

To add this template to a resource, type {{no footnotes|{{subst:DATE}}}}

This template has a |date= parameter. One way to use this parameter is {{No footnotes|{{subst:DATE}}}} but it can be done more explicitly as {{No footnotes|date=October 2019}} (both result in the same output).



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