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When printing, this template starts a new page where it appears. The rest of the current page remains empty. The template uses {{Page-break}} and {{Page-break/end}}, which are not fully supported by most browsers; however, the particular usage in the template {{Newpage}} is supported by several popular browsers.

This template is particularly useful to start modules on new pages in print versions of multi-module wikibooks. In order to avoid completely blank pages, there should be no empty lines (nor any other form of white space) right before {{Newpage}}.

There is an optional parameter noprint. If specified, the value of this parameter is printed with the noprint class; thus, it should appear in the HTML version of the print version but not in the final print out. This is useful to indicate page breaks and add vertical space in the HTML version without adding any extra white space in the final print out. For example, the following code includes a horizontal line with vertical space in the HTML version where a new page is started in the final print out: