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Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz

1. The best example of musical continuity?
The best example of continuity is the love theme.
2. The music during the scene with George's teacher?
There is no music at all playing during his dialogue.
3. Is this the Star Wars theme?
The theme is just a sound-alike of the original Star Wars theme. It sounds less epic, yet keeps enough elements of the original piece to keep it recognizable while being different.
4. Who is in control of the music?
The sound mixer guy turned the music down.

1-Continuity example?
The love theme played in the start of film, in the theater scene and also in the "kiss" scene.
2-The Instructor's music?
No music in the Professor scene.
3-The Star Wars theme?
No. It's like an variation of the original theme.
4-Who is in control?
The music is perfect for me. But when the dialogue start the mixer guy turn down volume and kill the music.