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Courses in Narrative Film Production

Filmmaking[edit source]

Course #01 - A beginning course in pre-production.

. Start Here: . Course: Basic filmmaking


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Film Scoring[edit source]

Course #02 - Film scoring for filmmakers (non-musicians)
  • Film scoring introduction for filmmakers - Lessons for filmmakers who are not musicians yet want to learn to make music for motion pictures. This class shows you that music is used to create the proper mood in a motion pictures. Therefore, simple musical sound effects is often all you need. And with programs like GarageBand with Jam Pack:Symphony Orchestra, this is easy. Your instructor is Robert Elliott.


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Script Writing[edit source]

Course #03 - Filmmaking for high school drama departments


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Film Editing - Motion picture style[edit source]

Course #04 - Hands-on editing of feature films and television dramas


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The Storyboard Artwork Project[edit source]

The Storyboard Artwork Project creates artwork for storyboarding
  • The Storyboard Artwork Project creates artwork for Tux Paint so that kids can quickly and easily create storyboards. If you use Poser or DAZ Studio, you can help. We also need artists who like to draw human figures. The co-ordinator for this project is Robert Elliott.

. Start Here: . Project: Storyboard artwork