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Usage[edit source]

This template is for use in other templates in conjunction with namespace detection. It adds pages to Category:Pages with templates in the wrong namespace. The template has been designed to not work in the template namespace so templates transcluding this template can be viewed normally.

{{Single namespace}} can be used instead of this template if only one namespace is specified (such as in the example below).

Parameters[edit source]

The parameter inserts text in the message to specify the namespace the template in question should use.

Example[edit source]

| type = notice
| text = Example text.
<includeonly>{{Help other|[[Category:Example category]]|{{Incorrect namespace|help}}}}</includeonly>


In the above example, transcluding the message box will categorise pages in the help namespace into Category:Example category and produce this template underneath the message box for pages outside the help namespace.

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