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For adding yellow highlight to specified text. The highlight color can be changed, and the highlight can also be set to expire at a certain date. Please keep template usage to talk pages only.

Usage[edit source]

{{hilite | text | color (optional) | expiration (optional) }}

  • text (parameter 1): Enter the text to be highlighted.

Optional parameters

These parameters are optional, but unused parameters must be separated by a pipe (see examples below):

  • color (parameter 2): Colors may be specified by word (e.g., "red", "blue", "lightgreen") or in hexadecimal format (e.g., "#FF0066", "#C0C0C0"). If no value is given for the color, the template defaults to yellow.
  • expiration (parameter 3): Highlights may be set to expire on a certain date, which leaves the text as-is, but removes the highlight color. The expiration value can be specified in any format.

Examples[edit source]

code output notes
{{hilite | text }} text
{{hilite | text | lightblue }} text
{{hilite | text | pink | 2011-01-01 }} text
{{hilite | text || January 1, 2012 }} text Note the color parameter, left blank, is still represented
with a pipe (followed by the expiration parameter pipe)
{{hilite | text | #00FF00 | 1 January 2013 }} text

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