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Movie posters from the lesson on creating the movie props

Tunderboy9 Movie Poster.png
Tunderboy9 has completed this assignment (pdf) (16 July 2007) 30 points

Tharunbhascker StarWarsPoster.png
Tharun Bhascker has completed this assignment (pdf) (5 September 2007) 30 points

Star Wars Poster.png
Sir Mok has completed this assignment (pdf) (12 October 2007) Note: In many countries, movie posters are wider than tall. This poster is from Egypt.
Star Wars Spelled in Arabic.png
The text means "Star Wars", and it’s pronounced “Harb El Nojoom” in Arabic language. And in Egyptian accent, it is pronounced as “Harb El Nogoom”, the “G” as in “Game”. 30 points