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Movies (ogg format) of the Animatics

Star Wars Poster.png
Sir Mok has completed this course (pdf) (February 2008)

Animatic with corrections
Click here to download and view Sir Mok's animatic with instructor's corrections.
(New update: March 3, 2008; 1.8MB, 1 minute 13 seconds, stereo, 320x240 letterboxed with subtitles) - (Media:Mok_Animatic_Corrections.ogg)

Original animatic
Click here to see the original movie submitted by Sir Mok. Media:Mok_Animatic.ogg

Star Wars Spelled in Arabic.png
The text means "Star Wars", and it’s pronounced “Harb El Nojoom” in Arabic language. And in Egyptian accent, it is pronounced as “Harb El Nogoom”, the “G” as in “Game”. 30 points