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Please contribute!
Please contribute!

Thank you, Emoew survey 1-instructions, for taking part in this survey. To complete the survey, please edit this page and answer the 4 questions on the template. The first three questions require a "y" or "n" (for "yes" or "no"). These will add "answerboxes" and will also add categories that can be compared later for analysis. The last question, "How can this project be improved", is for adding a text-based answer. Please try to be brief!

When you're done, please add {{Emoew survey 1-instructions}} to a new line at the bottom of the feedback page, where it will be displayed along with other responses.

To hide these instructions, change the "y" in the top template on this page to "n". (Please don't remove the template, because it creates a category used for tracking purposes!)