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Editing tip - Using edit summaries[edit source]

Thank-you for your generous editing and contributions to the wiki! I hope you don't mind being offered a wikiquette editing tip. Could you try to provide edit summaries more often? The edit summary box appears at the bottom of pages you are editing and looks like this: .

Filling in this edit summary box each time you edit doesn't take very long, and provides other users with a quick summary of the changes you made. This can save others a lot of time in working out what has changed.

If you find it hard to remember to fill in the edit summary (it is an acquired habit), then try switching on the option which alerts you whenever you try to save an edit without an edit summary: Go to Preferences (top-right), choose the Edit tab (top-right), then click this box: , then Save.

I hope this helps empower you to keep up the great work! ~~~~

Notes[edit source]

  • This is a template to add to user talk pages, to help mentor/encourage them to get into the desirable wiki editing practice of providing edit summaries.
  • Include on a talk page by using {{subst:Edit summary}}