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system unit code
abbreviation notes sample
default conversion
SI cubic kilometre km3 km3 US spelling: cubic kilometer
1.0 km3 (0.24 cu mi)
cubic hectometre hm3 hm3 US spelling: cubic hectometer
1.0 hm3 (35,000,000 cu ft)
cubic decametre dam3 dam3 US spelling: cubic dekameter
1.0 dam3 (35,000 cu ft)
cubic metre m3 m3 US spelling: cubic meter
one kilolitre
1.0 m3 (35 cu ft)
cubic decimetre dm3 dm3 US spelling: cubic decimeter
one litre
1.0 dm3 (61 cu in)
cubic centimetre cm3 cm3 US spelling: cubic centimeter
one millilitre
1.0 cm3 (0.061 cu in)
cc cc
cubic millimetre mm3 mm3 US spelling: cubic millimeter
1.0 mm3 (6.1×10−5 cu in)
non-SI metric gigalitre Gl Gl US spelling: gigaliter
1.0 Gl (35,000,000 cu ft)
megalitre Ml Ml US spelling: megaliter
1.0 Ml (35×10^3 cu ft)
kilolitre kl kl US spelling: kiloliter
one cubic metre
1.0 kl (35 cu ft)
kL kL
hectolitre hl hl US spelling: hectoliter
1.0 hl (22 imp gal; 26 US gal)
hL hL
decalitre dal dal US spelling: dekaliter
1.0 dal (2.2 imp gal; 2.6 US gal)
daL daL
litre l l US spelling: liter
one cubic decimetre
1.0 l (0.22 imp gal; 0.26 US gal)
decilitre dl dl US spelling: deciliter
1.0 dl (3.5 imp fl oz; 3.4 US fl oz)
dL dL
centilitre cl cl US spelling: centiliter
1.0 cl (0.35 imp fl oz; 0.34 US fl oz)
cL cL
millilitre ml ml US spelling: milliliter
one cubic centimetre
1.0 ml (0.035 imp fl oz; 0.034 US fl oz)
mL mL
microlitre μl (ul) μl US spelling: microliter
1.0 μl (6.1×10−5 cu in)
μL (uL) μL

stere stere (none) an old unit for measuring firewood equivalent to one cubic metre 1.0 stere (35 cu ft)
US customary

cubic mile cumi (mi3) cu mi 1.0 cu mi (4.2 km3)
acre foot acre ft
(acre feet, acre foot)
acre⋅ft used for large-scale water resources
long code "acre foot" outputs acre foot (and never feet)
1.0 acre⋅ft (1,200 m3)

cubic yard cuyd (yd3) cu yd 1.0 cu yd (0.76 m3)

cubic foot cuft
(ft3, cufoot, foot3)
cu ft long code "cufoot or foot3" outputs cubic foot (and never feet) 1.0 cu ft (0.028 m3)

board foot board feet
(board foot)
(none) 1 ft × 1 ft × 1 in

used for measuring lumber
long code "board foot" outputs board foot (and never feet)

1.0 board foot (0.0024 m3)

cubic inch cuin (in3) cu in 1.0 cu in (16 cm3)
measurement ton MTON MTON Also known as the shipping ton. A measure of volume used for shipments of freight in large vehicles, trains or ships. In the USA, it is equivalent to 40 cubic feet. 1.0 MTON (1.1 m3)
Imperial imperial barrel impbbl imp bbl 1.0 imp bbl (160 l; 36 imp gal; 43 US gal)
kilderkin kilderkin (none) 1.0 kilderkin (82 l; 18 imp gal; 22 US gal)
firkin firkin (none) 1.0 firkin (41 l; 9.0 imp gal; 11 US gal)
imperial bushel impbsh imp bsh 1.0 imp bsh (36 l; 8.0 imp gal; 8.3 US dry gal)
impbu imp bu
imperial kenning impkenning kenning 1.0 kenning (18 l; 4.1 US dry gal)
imperial peck imppk pk 1.0 pk (9.1 l; 2.1 US dry gal)
imperial quart impqt imp qt 1.0 imp qt (1,100 ml; 38 US fl oz)
imperial gallon impgal imp gal 1.0 imp gal (4.5 l; 1.2 US gal)
  • impgal l
    • impgal l USgal
    • impgal l U.S.gal
    • impgal l USdrygal
    • impgal l U.S.drygal
  • impgal L
    • impgal L USgal
    • impgal L U.S.gal
    • impgal L USdrygal
    • impgal L U.S.drygal
  • impgal USgal
    • impgal USgal L
    • impgal USgal l
  • impgal U.S.gal
    • impgal U.S.gal L
    • impgal U.S.gal l
  • impgal USdrygal
    • impgal USdrygal L
    • impgal USdrygal l
  • impgal U.S.drygal
    • impgal U.S.drygal L
    • impgal U.S.drygal l
imperial pint imppt imp pt 1.0 imp pt (0.57 l)
gill impgi gi 1.0 gi (140 ml; 4.8 US fl oz)
imperial fluid ounce impoz (impfloz) imp fl oz 1.0 imp fl oz (28 ml; 0.96 US fl oz)
  • impoz USoz
  • impoz U.S.oz
  • impoz ml
  • impoz mL
US customary
liquid measure

US barrel USbbl
US bbl 1.0 US bbl (120 l; 32 US gal; 26 imp gal)
U.S. bbl
barrel oilbbl bbl 1.0 bbl (0.16 m3)

US beer barrel USbeerbbl
US bbl 1.0 US bbl (120 l; 31 US gal; 26 imp gal)
U.S. bbl
US gallon USgal (usgal) US gal 1.0 US gal (3.8 l; 0.83 imp gal)
  • USgal l
    • USgal l impgal
  • USgal L
    • USgal L impgal
  • USgal impgal
    • USgal impgal l
    • USgal impgal L
U.S.gal (usgal) U.S. gal
  • U.S.gal l
    • U.S.gal l impgal
    • U.S.gal L
  • U.S.gal L impgal
  • U.S.gal impgal
    • U.S.gal impgal l
    • U.S.gal impgal L

US quart USqt (usqt) US qt 1.0 US qt (950 ml)
U.S.qt (usqt) U.S. qt

US pint USpt (uspt) US pt 1.0 US pt (0.47 l; 0.83 imp pt)
U.S.pt (uspt) U.S. pt

gill USgi (usgi) gi 1.0 gi (120 ml; 4.2 imp fl oz)
U.S.gi (usgi) gi
US fluid ounce USoz
(USfloz, usoz, usfloz)
US fl oz 1.0 US fl oz (30 ml)
  • USoz ml
  • USoz mL
  • USoz impoz
(U.S.floz, usoz, usfloz)
U.S. fl oz
  • U.S.oz ml
  • U.S.oz mL
  • U.S.oz impoz
US customary
dry measure

US dry barrel USdrybbl
(usdrybbl, drybbl)
US dry bbl 1.0 US dry bbl (0.12 m3)
(usdrybbl, drybbl)
U.S. dry bbl
US bushel USbsh (usbsh) US bsh 1.0 US bsh (35 l; 8.0 US dry gal; 7.8 imp gal)
U.S.bsh (usbsh) U.S. bsh
US bushel USbu (usbu) US bu 1.0 US bu (35 l; 8.0 US dry gal; 7.8 imp gal)
U.S.bu (usbu) U.S. bu

US kenning USkenning (uskenning) US kenning 1.0 US kenning (18 l; 3.9 imp gal)
U.S.kenning (uskenning) U.S. kenning

US peck USpk (uspk) US pk 1.0 US pk (8.8 l; 1.9 imp gal)
U.S.pk (uspk) U.S. pk
US dry gallon USdrygal
(usdrygal, drygal)
US dry gal 1.0 US dry gal (4.4 l)
  • USdrygal l
    • USdrygal l impgal
  • USdrygal L
    • USdrygal L impgal
  • USdrygal impgal
    • USdrygal impgal l
    • USdrygal impgal L
(usdrygal, drygal)
U.S. dry gal
  • U.S.drygal l
    • U.S.drygal l impgal
  • U.S.drygal L
    • U.S.drygal L impgal
  • U.S.drygal impgal
    • U.S.drygal impgal l
    • U.S.drygal impgal L
US dry quart USdryqt
(usdryqt, dryqt)
US dry qt 1.0 US dry qt (1,100 ml)
(usdryqt, dryqt)
U.S. dry qt
US dry pint USdrypt
(usdrypt, drypt)
US dry pt 1.0 US dry pt (550 ml)
(usdrypt, drypt)
U.S. dry pt