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Editing tip - Including categories[edit source]

Crystal Clear app ktip.svg
Thanks for adding new pages to this wiki. I hope you don't mind if I offer a tip to help you to take your editing to the next level: Try to include categories when you add pages. You can add categories using this syntax at the bottom of the page: [[Category:Subject]]. Include as many categories as you like e.g., [[Category:Subject1]] [[Category:Subject2]] etc.

By adding categories (which doesn't take very long) you help to organise the wiki's contents and improve navigability. You can explore categories via Special:Categories. Keep up the great work! ~~~~

Notes[edit source]

  • This is a template to add to user talk pages, to help mentor/encourage them to add categories to new pages.
  • Include on a talk page by using {{subst:Categories}}

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