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This template is intended to allow simple standardized links to bibcodes. For example, {{bibcode|1998ApJ...508L..81K}} will produce Bibcode1998ApJ...508L..81K external link.

Syntax[edit source]


Example[edit source]



Error messages[edit source]

The Bibcode template checks the bibcode value to see it has the proper format.[1] When the assigned value does have the proper format, the template returns an error message along with the type of error that is encountered:

Check bibcode: <type>

Bibcode template values are expected to match these requirements:

length must be 19 characters (<type> = 'length')
characters in position(s): (except as specified otherwise, violations produce 'value' in the <type> portion of the error message):
1–4 must be digits and must represent a year in the range of 1000 – next year (<type> = 'year')
5 must be a letter
6–8 must be letter, ampersand, or dot (ampersand cannot directly precede a dot; &. (<type> = 'journal'))
9 must be letter or dot
10–18 must be letter, digit, or dot
19 must be a letter or dot

To resolve this error, ensure that the assigned bibcode value is correct.

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References[edit source]

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