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Article information

Author: {{{first1}}} {{{last1}}} Orcid icon.png [a][i]


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This template inserts an infobox for WikiJournal articles. It is used on both the article's main page and its talk page It will automatically format meta information about the article, and will clearly indicate whether the article has been submitted and accepted.

This template also automatically adds articles to the appropriate categories as they progress through the peer review process, such as Category:Articles submitted for peer review, Category:Articles included in WikiJournal of Medicine in 2017 or Category:Articles with ORCID iDs.


Some of these parameters can be created by using a citation tool (such as the DOI Wikipedia reference generator)

{{Article info
|journal        = Name of WikiJournal
|last           = Last name of first author
|first          = First name of first author
|last2          = etc...
|first2         = etc...
|et_al          = URL of list of all authors (if >10 authors)
|affiliations   = Numbered affiliations for authors 
|orcid          = ORCID ID (four groups of four digits, dash separated)
|correspondence = Email address or contact link for corresponding author(s)
|volume         = Volume number (if left blank, will be autocalculated from year)
|issue          = Issue number
|doi            = DOI number
|pmid           = PMID number
|docx           = URL of location of DOCX file of article
|pdf            = URL of location of PDF file of article
|xml            = URL of location of XML file of article
|submitted      = Submission date (if left blank, indicates unsubmited pre-print)
|accepted       = Date of acceptation (if left blank, indicates article still in review)
|license        = Copyright license (default = CC-BY)
|w1             = Wikipedia article where the article is used
|w2             = etc...
|w_many         = URL for "what links here" page to list more than 10 articles
|abstract       = Full abstract text
|keywords       = Up to six keywords, separated by commas
|toc            = Maximum depth of the table of contents (default is 3)


{{Article info
|journal        = WikiJournal of Medicine
|last           = Smith
|first          = Jane
|et_al          = https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Cerebellum&action=history&year=2016&month=4
|affiliations   = University Hospital, Somewhere
|orcid          = 0000-0002-1825-0097
|correspondence = [https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Special:EmailUser/Mikael_H%C3%A4ggstr%C3%B6m by online form]
|issue          = 1
|doi            = 10.15347/wjm/2015.001
|pdf            = Images of Aerococcus urinae.pdf
|xml            = https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4LQzkvkbO9YaWtnajJMWFVPQ0E
|submitted      = 1 May 2016
|accepted       = 30 June 2016
|license        = {{PD work}}
|w1             = Cerbellum
|w2             = Brain

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