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Level[edit source]

Adjustable for beginner through intermediate.

Activity Type[edit source]

Listening activity

Language Structures and Functions[edit source]

  • Structures: "be" verb and prepositional phrases
  • Functions: Describing a scene

Estimated Time Required[edit source]

About 15 minutes, five minutes per picture, depending on the level of the class.

Preparation[edit source]

The teacher needs to find or make three pictures and a handout. The pictures should be describable at the students level. For example, a desk with objects arranged on it or a man sitting down on a chair eating cake would be acceptable for beginning students. For intermediate students, find pictures which require more specific or complex directions, such as a map or subway picture. The handout should be a regular A4 sized paper divided into four rectangles. Three of the rectangles should be empty, but a fourth should contain direction hints suitable to the students' level.

Activity Plan[edit source]

  • Warm-up: Use picture or word flash cards to review targeted vocabulary including direction words. As you hold up the word have students shout out the answer.
  • Step 1: Pass out the handout.
  • Step 2: Give the directions according their English level. For example:

"Today let's draw pictures. I will tell you about a picture. Please draw it in box two. Use the hints in box one." Then begin describing the first picture. Repeat sentences as needed.

  • Step 3: Show the students the answer picture.
  • Step 4: Repeat for the last two pictures.

Variations[edit source]

Speaking practice variation: Assign students a parter. Partner A will play the part of the teacher, describing a picture, and Partner B will be the student.

Appendix[edit source]