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{{1lvlnav|project|previous lesson|next lesson}}
  • 1lvlnav calls the template
  • project specifies the name of the project
  • previous lesson specifies the name of the previous lesson
  • next lesson specifies the name of the next lesson

You must include project/lesson links yourself!

Example[edit source]

{{1lvlnav|[[Mapmaking]]|[[StarEdit]]|[[X-tra Editor]]}}

The above code produces:

Project: Mapmaking
Previous: StarEdit — 1lvlnav — Next: X-tra Editor

Note: the ugly '1lvlnav' shown in the middle of the navigation line is just the current topic (page) name, and will be replaced with the name of your calling page when you use this template in a real-world example


Project: {{{1}}}
Previous: {{{2}}} — 1lvlnav — Next: {{{3}}}