Teletraffic engineering/Limited availability/Solutions

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Solution Exercise 1.[edit | edit source]

Total circuits no. is 86 Half the total no. is 43 1 circuit out of 43 is not available hence available circuits are: 43-1 = 42; the availability of the system. Alternatively,Total unavailable circuits are:43+1 = 44, Available circuits are: 86-44=42; availability of the system

Solution Exercise 2.[edit | edit source]

1. a) A system where an input can be connected to a free or idle outlet at any at the given time in a service request.

b) Inlet cannot be connected to an outlet because of busy outlets or unavailable internal path. There is only limited number of the total outputs accessible to the inputs.

c) A system where a caller who encounters congestion waits for an available resource. The caller is placed in a queue.

2. Assumptions • Traffic has a pure chance arrival,

• System is at statistical equilibrium,

• Full availability system,

• Complete blocking or loss of calls encountering congestion.

3. An iterative process with the link capacity G as the initial value of the reservation threshold (Q).

4. Occupancy distribution and blocking probability. They are important in defining and determining the grade of service.