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An understanding of telecommunication principles is essential for development and growth of the technology. None of these topics are stubs, but some must still be accessed from Wikipedia or Wikibooks. Click on the citation to access these.

Recommended course of study[edit | edit source]

The chapters of concern are divided into general, particular and applied topics:

General topics[edit | edit source]

Particular topics[edit | edit source]

  • Tuned circuits LC_circuit Resonance_(ac) RLC_circuit [[[w:Oscillation]]] [[[w:Electronic_oscillator]]] [[[w:Crystal_oscillator]]] [[[Voltage-controlled_oscillator]]] [[[w:Phase-locked_loop]]] [[[Multivibrator]]] [[[w:Bandwidth_(signal_processing)]]]
  • Modulation [[[w:Modulation]]]
  • Electromagnetic waves [[[Electromagnetic_spectrum]]] [[[w:Electromagnetic_wave]]] [[[w:Electromagnetic_wave_equation]]] [[[w:Maxwell%27s_equations]]]
  • Antennas [[[w:Antenna_(radio)]]] [[[w:Antenna_measurement]]]
  • Spectral efficiency [[[w:Spectral_efficiency]]]
  • Electronics (power components and integrated circuits [[[w:Microelectronics]]] [[[w:Integrated_circuit]]])
  • Transmission [[[w:Signal_electronics]]] and all "See Alsos" [[[w:Nyquist_frequency]]] [[[w:Sampling_frequency]]] [[[w:Channel_capacity]]] [[[w:Bit_rate]]]
  • Microwaves [[[b:Communication_Systems/Microwave_Systems]]]
  • Microwave hierarchy, transmitters, repeaters, receivers [[[w:Microwave_radio_relay]]] Communications satellite [[[w:Communications_satellite]]] Submarine communications cable [[[w:Submarine_communications_cable]]]
  • Telephone systems [[[b:Communication_Systems/Telephone_System]]] Switching [[1]] PABXs [[[w:Private_branch_exchange]]] POTS [[[w:Plain_old_telephone_service]]] Teletraffic_engineering
  • GSM [[[w:GSM]]]
  • OSI model [[[w:OSI_model]]]
  • Telecommunications software w:Common_Object_Request_Broker_Architecture

Applied topics[edit | edit source]

  • Network management, billing
  • System design, planning installation and maintenance

Textbooks under construction[edit | edit source]

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