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Example from techsupport Ghana:

  • First lessons: show via a beamer how WordPress is installed, designed and content can be added – students do as the ‘teacher’ does.
  • A lesson took 2,5 hours, 2 times a week, 6-8 weeks long.
  • Learn more about the philosophy of open content or open source (by using e.g. WordPress).
  • Have 3 local assignment-givers for a website. Each group of 4 work together on 1 assignment. Roles are divided: programming, design, content management and marketing). Each group is responsible for the quality of their own work (e.g. does the work match to the assignment-giver’s expectations?), but get coaching from an ICT expert.
  • Evaluate with participants: what information should be repeated, which information was good/less interesting.
  • They are looking for ways to share what they learnt online, like or through wikiversity.