Teaching EFL Listening via FUN WITH ENGLISH Books/8B/Lesson 16

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Lesson Taught on 11 June 2010[edit | edit source]

  1. Lay out the test papers in the students seats before class begins.
  2. Gather the students in their classrooms.
  3. Put them in their seats, ensuring horizontal space.
  4. Go over how many names they are supposed to write and to put down Mr. Danoff or Mr. Brown depending on who is their teacher.
  5. Go over the rules for the test.
  6. Administer the test playing each audio piece 3 times.
  7. Give them a minute or 2 inbetween each playing to review and answer the questions, depending on how screwy they get.
  8. Following the collection of the test, watch a short film.

Lesson Critiques[edit | edit source]

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  1. Place the tests out in the chairs.
    • Not staggering them this class worked fine.
  2. Gather the students in their classroom.
  3. Explain that they should write 3 names on the sheet.
  4. Tell them to write Mr. Brown or Mr. Danoff depending on who is their teacher.
    • A little bit of confusion.
  5. Play the audio 3 times.
    • Short breaks in between gave some the chance to speak.
    • Some students who did not understand, simply gave up and did not answer anything.
    • Tell them to answer the T/F and muliple choice questions?
    • Ended up playing the audio through one more time at the end.
  6. Had the students leave to return
  • After class we discovered the audio played differently in different media players. On one there was a significant echo, on another, none.


  • gave them 3 readings from the start.
  • not having the test papers laid out made it more difficult.
  • give them a minute or two around each test to answer questions.
  • played a short movie at the end, which they seemed to like


  • have some difficulty with remembering to put their teacher's name on the paper
  • Finished with about 15 minutes to spare.
    • graded some tests as they were watching a film. took about 25 minutes per test.