Teaching EFL Listening via FUN WITH ENGLISH Books/7B/Test 2 Teacher Text

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Grade 7 Test text –

1) UFO

Last night I met an alien. It knocked on my window. When I opened the window, I saw a UFO. The alien helped me to fly to it. We flew to another world. It was very beautiful. Then the alien told me a story about his planet in the UFO. He said

‘Our world was very ugly and dark. We really disliked it. Plants and animals disliked it too. We were crazy about travelling in space. We met other aliens, and we like their planets more. They taught us how to be kind to each other. Our planet became nicer. Now we love it.’

After the alien told me this story we came back to earth. He clapped his hands and I woke up in my bed. My mother was waiting. It was time for school!

2) Crocodiles

Crocodiles are reptiles and have been around for 200 million years. They can be found in many different countries. They were here at the same time as the dinosaurs! A crocodile can grow up to six metres long and has eighty teeth in its mouth. It can break your bones in one bite! A crocodile can live for up to one hundred years. A crocodile’s brain is just a little bigger than a one Yuan coin, but they can still do amazing things. They can stay underwater for up to five hours and they can run up to 14 kilometres per hour. Crocodiles lay eggs.

3) Ghosts

David: Do you like ghost stories Dylan? Dylan: Yes I like ghost stories. People do not understand some things, and I like to read about these things. We cannot know whether ghosts are real or not. I think it is very exciting to be scared sometimes. David: Most Chinese people do not believe in ghosts. Do people in Australia believe in ghosts? Dylan: No, my parents and teachers do not, but some of my friends do. David: Do you believe in ghosts, Dylan? Dylan: Maybe, I am not sure but I do have a ghost story. David: Ok can I hear it. Dylan: Sure. Listen.

There was a boy and he moved into a new house. He moved into the new house and left his family in his old house. The first night after he went to bed, he heard a sound outside her window. He as very scared. He looked out of his window and saw something white. It ran past his window quickly. The next night she sat at her window with a torch. She heard the same sound and then saw her neighbour opening the door to let her white cat out.

David: That is a good story. I was very scared.