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Grade 7
Second Semester Lesson Two
Chapter One
Version 0.21
Grade 7 Class 8

Last Updated
10 March 2010

Lesson Used In Class
Week of 8 March 2010 to 12 March 2010 



The center of this lesson is an attempt for a Problem Based Learning
activity where the students plan a party working in small
groups. Ideally they will speak English the whole time, thus using
more English than they would just talking to me one by one as a class.


* All Students will engage and interact with one another in English
  as they plan their party.
* Students will enjoy themselves, creating a positive association with
  the English language.
* Create an atmosphere that's comfortable enough for students to feel
  take chances speaking English to me and their peers.
* Figure out what they want to learn in class and about
  English/Western culture so I can tailor the class around their



* are for instructions or notes. 
' is for something to say.
-> & --> & so on expands whatever is above them.
== and CAPITAL letters is a section header.
= and lower case letters is a sub-section header.
<> indicates a link to a web resource.
7B or 8B refers to the 7th or 8th grade versions of the textbook.
[] For a note.



0 Before Class
' Draw a blank seating chart on the board.

1 Greeting
' OK, I would like everyone to please fill in the seats in the first
  four rows.
* Go through all the students checking their seats and names.
[Depending on how quickly that goes perhaps introduce What's up?]
' Hi, today I am going to teach you a new way to say How are you?
' How are you? is OK, but it is very serous.
' In American English, when friends see eachother they may use a
  different way.
-> Yo = Hello
-> What's up? = How are you?
-> Not much, you? = I am fine, thank you. And you?
-> Not much. = I am fine, thank you.
* If they ask, inform the students we're moving their test back to
  next week, to give them more time.
' Do you have any questions?
* Take a picture
' Before we begin the textbook, I would like to take a quick picture
  of you so I can practice your names. Is that OK? If you do not want
  a picture you can put your head down on your desk. Thanks.

2 Surveying the Student's Interest's
' What do you want to learn about this semester?
' About America?
-> ' Music? Sports? Fashion? ...
' What do you want to do in our class?

3 7B Page 6 Let's get ready B
' Please do exercise B on page 6.
' Do you know what exercise means here?
-> ' This is exercise A [point to A] this is exercise B [point to B].

4 Party Chat
' Do you like parties? Why?
' Do you think parties are silly?
' What do people do at parties?
' Where do people have parties?
' Are parties good or bad?

5 Plan a Party [2 Options]

' Now, I want you to close you to imagine [CN = xia3ngxia4ng]. That
is, close your eyes and think. Something special and your life
happened and you want to have a party!
' Now we are going to plan our own parties. [CN = nimen jian sheji
  yi-gu paidui].

[Option A]

' You have to answer the following questions: [[Write on the board]
-> Where will you have your party?
-> Who will come?
-> What will you do?
' You can make your own groups of 2 or 3.
' Speaking ONLY IN ENGLISH discuss and write down the answers to these

[Option B - Rowdier classes.]

' We are going to have two parties, one for the boys and one for the
-> Write boys/girl on the board.
-> ' We need to answer the following questions:
-> Where will you have your party?
-> Who will come?
-> What will you do?
-> What food/drinks?

5 American Teenagers and Video Games Powerpoint

== Extra Time ==


7B Page 7 Let's liten 1 B Tapescript Page 75

7B Page 8  Let's liten 2 A Tapescript Page 75
' What is a sofa? cushion? shelf?

7B Page 9 Let's liten 3 B Tapescript Page 75

* Ask if they have any questions about America they'd like me to



== Materials Used Whose Copyright is Owned by Others ==

*** I used these because it was allowed within the rights given by the
people who made the materials.
*** The copyright of this lesson plan does not reflect the copyright
of these materials. Please contact the creators to see how it is
OK to use their materials.
*** If I used something created by you and you would like me to change
the way I use it or the attribution, please let me know.

== Acknowledgments ==
* I would like to thank all the 7th and 8th grade classes at Anqing
Foreign Language School who had this lesson for their participation
and feedback. I would also like to thank the Anqing Foreign Language
School for allowing me to teach there.

* Mr. Brown, the party activity was inspired by several of his in
  class activities last semester where he tried to get the students
  thinking independently.

== Changelog ==

Ver 0.21
10 March 2010
* Added an introduction.
* Added lesson objectives.
* Re-worked the greeting.
* Added a section surveying their interests.
* Removed 7B Page 6 Let's get ready A because it never worked well.
* Re-worked the party activity instructions.
* Added = Review Questions =

Ver 0.2
7 March 2010
* Wrote the specific plan in Aquamacs Emacs.

Ver 0.1 
24 Feb 2010
* Drew up a basic plan in a meeting with Mr. Brown at an Anqing
coffee shop.

== Review Questions ==

* What could I have done better?
* What did I do well?
* What did I learn?
* What did the students learn?
* Did I meet the lesson objectives?
* Next week?
* Thoughts?