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Tamilism or Tamil Religion is an Ancient and Ethnic Religion of Tamil People. It denotes the religious traditions and practices of Tamil people and also known as Tamil Religion. Tamilism accommodate Siththaantham, Tamil folk tradition, Ancestor Worship and Tamil language is Considered to The Divine Language of Tamil People. Tamilism also includes the traditional and cultural customs of Tamil People from Sangam Era.

The Root of Tamilism go backs to Sangam Era and it is believed to be the Oldest Religion. It is related with Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Jainism and Bhuddism,

Demographically, Tamilism is followed by few Tamils in Tamilnadu, Srilanka, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, Singapore, and Many emigrant Tamils retain elements of a cultural, linguistic, and religious tradition that predates the Christian era and Follow Tamilism as their religion.

The Text of Tamilism includes Tolkāppiyam(Oldest Living Tamil literature), Patiṉeṇmēlkaṇakku, Patiṉeṇkīḻkaṇakku, Thiruvasagam, and few others. These texts discuss theology, Ethics, philosophy and mythology, and provide vast information on the lifestyle of ancient Tamil People.

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