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Some thoughts on Simplicity - the Quakers and the Shakers are experts on simplicity. Shaker song "'Tis a gift to be simple" The Quakers are interesting: there are many financially successful Quakers, but you cant tell by looking. A well known slogan in 12 step is "Keep it simple" (there are those who would add "stupid" and it is, of course, the kiss principle....) You might suggest, either in the everyday or the assignments section, to chose only one assignment to focus on (thus keeping it simple!) Not only value silence and sanctuary, but find ways to practice. As an assignment, practice meditation, create a sanctuary. Turn off the electronics for a period of time (maybe over the dinner hour). Listen to music, really listen, not in the background.

There are many "how to" books on organizing your home, life, etc, that could be listed as references, and would include more simplifying suggestions. ( e.g., get rid of anything you havent used in x amount of time) Simplicity shows up in furniture and clothing design, architecture, the visual arts, food. And simplicity is not asceticism (your first paragraph hits the fat end of the scale and not the skinny end). From DB