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At the completion of this topic, you should be able to:

(a) discuss the ethical issues inevitable in script writing and film-making practice;

(b) analyse the processes in developing film and current affairs ideas through the script and supporting proposal;

(c) explore the ways that particular news values or documentary idea prioritising are informed by ideological, cultural and social perspectives; and

(d) inform other imagemakers of issues that need ethical consideration by referring to the codes of ethics and discussion included here.

Note. In referencing the ‘Delinquent Angel’ script (entitled ‘Perceval’) and the PhD (John Perceval: an ethical representation of a delinquent angel) in Resources you should become familiar with the general format of the film script which applies to documentary, current affairs and even fictional films.The script was written with a film in mind that was verite, involving documentary actuality with elements of the film-maker at the centre as provocateur. The film itself will be uploaded in the future for your use and deconstruction in writing and conceptualising your documentary project. All the best.