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Article Review[edit source]

  • During the 'research and revise' and then later during the 'test your mettle' and 'go public' portions you might ask the additional question(s): (a) how would your answer change if the screen was taller? (b) how would the method change if the floor of the theatre was sloping upwards? (c) how would our answer change if the screen was angled downwards? These questions could be given as a homework or a further discussion portion.
  • A further application which is directly related to the challenge question is the idea of perspective and how 3D objects are rendered in 2D.
  • A challenge question that could precede this one in the course would be to explain at what position a keystone corrector should be set for a video projection system. One could then revisit this question here by asking if the keystone corrector has changed the optimal viewing location we should use.
  • Time permitting students could experiment with their group: viewing a figure on the wall from different positions. The group could use pieces of string to demonstrate the rays -- I think this kind of hands on activity would more effectively engage students in finding methods to solve the problem analytically further in the cycle.

--Virgilpierce 16:46, 25 September 2010 (UTC)[reply]