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Discuss the evaluation framework here ... or on the mailing list.

Programme Development[edit source]

The best thing would be to have at least one institution use the portal during a real course with the educator/supervisor(s) contributing. The focus is less on _base_ content and more on the actual activities assigned to the students and the types of outputs of the process which might feed back into the wiki (and the game if operational).

The other type of learning to capture is how this institution combines use of the wiki (and game if operational) with its own existing processes and systems (such as student management systems, etc.). How well do users grasp the intended use of the portal? Is the structure suitable? What new structures emerge? etc.

Championship from within the institution(s) will be critical (ideally from one or more of the coordinators/ supervisors/ helpers of the course).

A review question might ask whether champions were identified within the institution(s) and whether they were adequately supported in terms of skills and information to contribute to the wiki and other systems (and student development processes).

The above suggests some critical success factors and inputs such as supported champions (and other roles), commitment from at least one institution to work alongside us during their engagement with students for a full course, and (commitment to) produce some pre-defined outputs from the process such as:

  • a report on their experience of the process
  • top 3 profiles produced by students
  • top 3 case studies identified and described by students
  • etc.

Kim 22:45, 1 April 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Methodology Section[edit source]

Not sure how to structure the methodology section. Possibly:

  • in accordance with the rest of the document (small, medium and large - programme, students and learning resources, impact)
    • this will present methodologies/approaches more or less in the order needed during the life cycle of the initiative, and it will be easy enough for those who enter the process later to skip to an appropriate section
    • but there is overlap across these ... no problem, just refer back
  • according to evaluation triggers mentioned earlier
  • some other classification of methodologies, methods, approaches, etc.
    • perhaps by blending in some of the previous work done towards evaluation.

Open to suggestions ... Kim 02:32, 4 January 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]