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I've decided to separate this page from the other, as that one is a blend of analysis and calculus and this one is primarily meant for calculus. The goal of this page is to introduce the 3 common series a student will be expected to recognize and sum and to briefly go over some common convergence tests. I never really took to this little area, but some people seem to love it! :D

Why is this page listed under Calculus? I thought calculus was just integration and differentiation. Sword-of-zorro 20:07, 23 July 2010 (UTC)

I put something on Wikibooks before I found this page.[edit source]

As a Wikiversarian I try to place material on Wikiversity with the understnding that Wikibooks may freely copy it. I did not see this page, and therefore made a contribution to wikibooks. It needs to be copied and placced on this page.

b:0.999.../The geometric series formula