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I'll be paying 30 bucks to find out this Friday (March 1st, 2013) how I did on this test... official results won't be ready until the 5th and I just can't wait that long (been very stressed)... I pray that I will pass this first attempt, but am very nervous that I haven't :( -- will update this post if I pass with my study techniques - no need to share them yet, as they are not proven to be successful yet :)

--I was very happy to pass the horrid hand written, 6 hour 1010 test with a score of 180 on my first attempt!! I did not even get to 2 questions on the first section and the last question at the end. California is the only state still torturing candidates with this form of the exam until they can come up with one of their own. I used the ETS at cost study materials and studied for a few hours just about every day for a little over a month. I never practiced writing out answers in the booklets they provide, just read the materials. The comments in the study materials were so useful to see what they are really looking for in answers. I also have years of experience in education which helped. I would suggest that you get used to writing with bullets and lists because my hand nearly fell off at the end of the session and it hurt until the next day because I wrote so much. Don't worry about grammar and neatness, focus more on cohesive complete answers to all questions that focus on the PROCESS of solving the problems rather than the ultimate correct answer. Depending on so many variables that are not given to you, there can be multiple choices in what actions to take and as long as you express that, you can pass this nightmare. You have to project a little bit: "If ________ is the case after further investigation, here is the action I would take.....". I found that the scenarios are not hard to but the time limits to synthesize complicated situations are the biggest challenge. Bring something soft to sit on like a chair pad unless you enjoy sitting in hard desk seats for over 6 hours. (It was really stupid of me to forget this but I was pretty stressed.) Despite breaks and stretching, my neck and back were a mess for a few days after the test. I am very glad to have this option even though it was torture, and I am very relieved to have passed! :D June, 2010

I took the October 16 exam and studied for about one month, about an hour a day. I knew the study guide inside and out, however, the questions on the last exam were nothing like the study guide. I would recommend to study the standards as much as the study guide. I did pass with a 192, but, I did not feel comfortable doing so.

Passing or Lack Thereof[edit source]

I passed, I passed, I passed :) - created flash cards and reviewed the information several times a day - I passed... and I don't take tests very well :)

I did not pass the test when I took it, but I think my material here is still very valid. --Jacob Walker 03:39, 22 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]

–I received my scores back today. I'm happy to say I made a perfect score of 200. This was my first time taking the test. The information on this site was definitely helpful. I did order the School Leadership Series from ETS. There were questions pulled directly from the series. I graduated from the University of Phoenix Online in May of 2009 with a Master's in School Administration. If you follow the information on this site you will do fine. I attended study sessions, gathered information from workshops, and read school leadership books. Also, it helped me to make a list shareholders for each scenario. I'm excited to have completed this deal. I prayed and asked my pastor and friends to join in with me. It worked!!! Tbethea 21:10, 14 July 2009 (UTC)Terrie in North Carolina[reply]

More Contributors Needed[edit source]

I would love to see other people contribute to this page, and list more information about how the test works in other states than just California. --Jacob Walker 23:28, 12 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Have you taken the test again?[edit source]

Thanks for the page. I am also in California. I have two master's but nothing that qualifies for an admin. credential. I am currently enrolled in CSUSB accellerated program to get the admin. credential in one years time. I recently found out about this test and have scheduled to take it in two weeks. I think the first quarter of the classes I took at CSUSB dealing mainly with leadeership and systems theory will help me a lot. I'm hoping to curcumvent having to finish the program and save myself a lot of time. This is my 30th year as a teacher and looking to move up in the ranks before it's too late. If you have any other test questions - I'd love to see them.Harryp 19:05, 30 December 2007 (UTC)[reply]

The information was very helpful.[edit source]

I just received my passing score. I think you should know the ETS study guide backward and forward. I studied for about a month(45 min to an hour each day)and recieved a 198 out of 200. I only studied the ETS materials. I have not taken any administrative classes. The study guide is definitely worth the money. Pay attention to the scoring rubrics. They really helped me focus my study and responses. Bryon L.

Read the Study Guide Comments[edit source]

I looked at this page for general information. But as said earlier, the study guide helped the most. I did not spend near the amount of time as others. I really only read each question and then looked at the answers the day before the test. I paid more attention to the comments that were written about the answers, then to the answers themsleves. What did they like from good answers, what was missing from poor answers. Some things kept popping up.

  • shared decision making. You better say that you met with anyone and everyone involved before you did anything.
  • best interest of the student. There were some that I don't agree with completely, but what I found in reading the comments was that it better be what helps the student most.

Two of the questions were straight from the study guide with altered data.

I think that you have to answer the questions as if it was a perfect world, not one where you have to call the SUPT or the district lawyer. Give the most positive answers, not necessarily the one that would happen where you live.

I was unsure on the areas that dealt with budgets, it is not something I do, but I held to the same general answers, shared decision making, best interest of students.

The best advice I can give is to watch your time. Practice answering a sample question to see how long it takes. There were only 4 people testing with me. Two did not finish the first two sessions; one was only on questions #5 when time was called. In session 1, once you read the question, and process for 1 minute what it says - you only have about 3 minutes to write an answer and go on to the next question. That also happened on session 4. I barely answered the last question - only wrote about 2 lines, I wasn't paying attention to the time.

I scored a 188, so I passes in LA (168 required).

This material helped a lot[edit source]

I bought the study material months in advance, but did not study until the week before. I dedicated about an hour each night to going over the questions. I followed almost every suggestion on this page.

Using the study guide, I answered the question first then read the rubric to see what I left out. After, doing this a couple of times, I was able to see what they are looking for in an answer. In all my answers, I tried to collaborate, make students centered decision which was related to the vision which and took into consideration all stake holders point of view. Its a lot, but all these points didnt apply to all answers. (I figured three out four should be good)

Again, pay very close attention to the rubic and the comments on the answers, I think I put that I was gonna meet with everyone relevant to the problem I could think of. Too much information is better than too little.

If you follow the all the suggestions above mine, you will do fine. I scored a 188 following only whats on this page and the resource page.


Has anyone used the 1011 study guide for the 1010 test?[edit source]

I am in California and they are only offering one more test before they change it to the CPACE, which I know nothing about. I figure I should take this one, while I have a chance. Anyways, there are no materials, other than the Test at a Glance available for study. Has anyone every used the 1011 study guide to help prepare for the 1010 version? Everyone on here says the materials are worth it, but I don't know what materials they are talking about, as the only option is the 1011 version. Please reply.

Test Prep for the SLLA 1010 test to be administered February 26, 2011[edit source]

The Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) holds a test prep for the SLLA 1010 called ACE Trainings. Each person that registers will receive the SLLA 1010 Study Kit. Trainings are held in Southern, Northern and Central California. Go to or follow the link here --> SLLA 1010 Test Prep to register. Space is limited. --RhondaM 19:18, 26 January 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Taking the test in 4 days!![edit source]

I will be taking the test in California for the first time in four days. I can feel the test anxiety coming on, but all of the advice and information on this page has been extremely helpful. Send your positive energy to San Diego on the 26th!!!Rainesilva 19:38, 22 February 2011 (UTC)[reply]

How long?[edit source]

I took my test computer driven and am awaiting the results. How long did you folks have to wait? update: It took 15 business days to find out by phone on a Friday ($30) or you could wait 17 days until the next Tuesday to get it by computer for free.

School Leaders Licensure Assessment Capstone Project: Has anyone worked on a SLLA Capstone?[edit source]

I am in need of completing my capstone project for my SLLA college course. Has anyone ever done one before? If so, I could use some direction and assistance please. --Armani29 (discusscontribs) 21:34, 6 March 2018 (UTC)[reply]