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Restoring images to this resource[edit source]

I restored the file links in the resource, knowing that there were two possibilities: the author could obtain permission for the original images, or reduced-resolution images could be extracted from the pdf of the as-published article, which is free content under cc-by-3.0.

However, a user reverted my restoration of the file names,[1], with (Undo revision 1160017 by Abd (talk) he deleted this image himself, do not touch this page without his permission).

There is a point to be made here. This is a Wikiversity resource, at root level in mainspace. It is not owned, has been released under the site license, and anyone may edit it. The idea that permission is needed to edit a mainspace resource is entirely contrary to Wikiversity policy. We will, indeed, respect original authors, but there are limits to that, and it's not at all automatic; there have been deletion requests from authors which have been refused by the community, for example.

There were two images, not just one. One of them was indeed deleted on Commons by the author, however, the reason for deletion was a licensing problem, which does not apply to the as-published images. Both the deletions, and the removal of the links here, were not because the images were not appropriate; they obviously were considered so, as they were included in the published article.

I have now uploaded extracted pdfs to Commons and have linked to them. That should handle this for the moment, and if Kaldari is able to supply higher-resolution images, that would be great, but is not a necessity. I'm grateful to Kaldari for his work here, this was all a fine exercise in using Wikiversity to prepare material for publication in a journal.

--Abd (discusscontribs) 02:08, 15 March 2014‎