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Research[edit source]

Your citations seem to be consistent throughout the text and to the APA style standards. Some of your citations have footnotes attached to them, but some of them do not. Consistent use of a single reference format is needed as it allows readers to easily use your chapter to find more information on the topic. You cite many sources but only three had references, which made it impossible for me to tell if you were using high quality sources. The three that you did reference, however, seem to be relevant and authoritative. Many of your citations seem to come from research done before the new millennium, it would be a good idea to get more recent research since text books need to be as up to date as possible. More recent research could show how speech errors are still being analyzed or are still influencing the field.

Organization and Answering Questions[edit source]

How you’ve laid out your sections seems to make sense. You introduce the idea of speech errors, then detail the different types, and then show how they support different models. Some of your sections could be a bit more detailed, though. I found myself asking a lot of questions that your chapter should have answered, especially regarding the sections about speech models. I also suggest that you have larger introduction and summary sections that are separated from the rest of the text. I’m basing this suggestion on the format of the textbook chapters I’ve seen other people working on and textbook chapters in general. It also makes sense since it allows a reader to ease their way into the material at the beginning and then collect and remember what they’ve just read once they’re finished.

Writing Style and Structure[edit source]

There are a lot of awkward sentences in your chapter. I found it hard to read because it didn’t flow well and you used a lot of figures of speech and I think it would probably be the same for most readers. Having a chapter that is easy to read is important so that the reader doesn’t get frustrated while trying to understand the material. I would suggest reading your writing out loud to another person to assess whether or not a sentence should be fixed. The flow between paragraphs was also very awkward. Most of the time there was no transition from one section to the next, making the information seem disconnected. Like an essay, your chapter should have a rhythm to it that allows the reader to easily move from section to section and allow the information of each section to connect and build upon itself. If the information is disconnected, it may make it harder for the reader to understand what you’re trying to say. As far as grammar and spelling mistakes go, you’ve made a handful of spelling mistakes (usually accidentally changing the first letter of a word) and a lot of grammar mistakes. You tend to place commas in inappropriate places, or forget to use the appropriate punctuation when it is needed. There are several places in your chapter where a semicolon was needed, but instead you let the sentence run on. I have not edited your page for you, so you will have to fix these yourself.

Matt Orr 12:36, 26 February 2011 (UTC)

Poor/No Coverage of Non Indo-Aryan Languages[edit source]

At least a mention of other language types is required, since the scope of the article as it stands is evidently limited to English/Indo-Aryan languages. Concepts of derivation, for instance, do not hold in other language families. Pratyeka 01:18, 5 January 2012 (UTC)