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This is a contributed topic on equations in mathematical physics.

\section{List of Physical/Mathematical Physics Laws and Equations}

\begin{itemize} \item \htmladdnormallink{Newton's laws of classical dynamics (laws of motion)}{} \item Law of conservation of \htmladdnormallink{energy}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Conservation of angular momentum}{} \item Classical and Quantum \htmladdnormallink{Hamiltonian}{} Equations \item \htmladdnormallink{Einstein's law of mass-energy conservation (or `mass--energy equivalence')}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Einstein's field equations}{} \item Euler--Lagrange equations \item Kepler's laws \item Navier-Stokes equations of \htmladdnormallink{fluid dynamics}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Snell's law in optics}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Newton's law of gravitation}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Coulomb's law}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Gauss's Law}{} of \htmladdnormallink{magnetostatics}{} \item Curie law in magnetism \item \htmladdnormallink{Ohm's law}{} \item Faraday's law \item Amp\`ere's law \item Kirkhoff electrical circuit equations \item \htmladdnormallink{Lorentz force law}{} \item Hook's law (elasticity equation) \item Lambert-Beer law \item \htmladdnormallink{wave equations}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Maxwell's equations}{} \item Li\'enard-Wiechert Potentials and electrodynamic equations \item Schr\"odinger equation \item Heisenberg's quantum \htmladdnormallink{dynamics}{} equation \item \htmladdnormallink{Gaussian metric (equation)}{} \item Relativistic energy-momentum equation \item Relativistic center-of-mass \htmladdnormallink{theorem}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Relativistic equality of gravitational and inertial mass}{} \item Thomson scattering cross \htmladdnormallink{section}{} equation \item \htmladdnormallink{Compton scattering equation}{} and \item Klein--Nishina equation for the differential cross section for \htmladdnormallink{Compton scattering}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Lorentz transformation}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Einstein's (GR) field equations}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Klein-Gordon equation}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Planck's equation for black body radiation}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Dirac equation}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{Josephson effect/}{} tunneling equation \item \htmladdnormallink{d'Alembert equation}{} \item Heat transfer equations \item Diffusion equations \item Yukawa's \htmladdnormallink{nuclear force}{} equation \item \htmladdnormallink{Goldstone's theorem}{} and symmetry breaking \item Bloch equations in Nuclear Magnetic \htmladdnormallink{resonance}{} (\htmladdnormallink{NMR}{}) \item Resonance equations \item Dispersion equations \item de Broglie equation \item Laws of \htmladdnormallink{Thermodynamics}{} \item Boltzmann distribution law in \htmladdnormallink{statistical mechanics}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{ideal gas laws}{} \item Gibbs equation \item Boltzmann equation \item Debye equation \item Onsager's principle (\htmladdnormallink{flux}{} equations) \item Kirkwood proton and dipole fluctuation equations \item Doppler effect equation \item Red shift equation \item Thompson equation for the period of electrical oscillation \item Bragg diffraction equation \item \htmladdnormallink{heat equation}{} \item \htmladdnormallink{heat}{} \htmladdnormallink{radiation}{} equation \item Heat \htmladdnormallink{conduction}{} equation \item \htmladdnormallink{kinetic energy}{} equation \item \htmladdnormallink{physical laws}{} as consequences of symmetry \item Chaotic dynamics equations \item Y \item W \item Z \end{itemize}

\section{References} \htmladdnormallink{Available file for download}{}