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Welcome to the New Zealand Written Examinations Manuals section. The aim of this section is to build up a manual that eventually can be used as a sole means of study by people who are sitting the various New Zealand exams.

This is going to be done in two steps. The first step is to set up the subjects with their syllabus items and knowledge requirements. The second step is to replace the knowledge requirements with actual content. This is to provide a level of quality control and to ensure all syllabus items are firmly covered in respect to the requirements.

example: in the AC for PPL in subject 2 Flight Radiotelephony, the first Syllabus item is 'Basic Radio Wave Propagation' and is followed by the knowledge requirements.

Basic Radio Wave Propagation

[edit source]

Describe the characteristics of High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency (VHF) in terms of:

  • Range
  • Surface Interference
  • Clarity of Reception

Once that has been done, a writer can then replace the knowledge requirement with actual content.

Basic Radio Wave Propagation

[edit source]

High Frequency and very high frequency radio communication differs in three main ways, Range, Surface Interference and Clarity of reception.

VHF radios have a shorter range than HF radios because bla bla bla

VHF radios suffer greater surface inteference than HF radios because bla bla bla

VHF radios have a greater clarity of reception than HF radios because bla bla bla

Of course, the actual syllabus items will hopefully be covered in greater detail that this but you get the picture.

The knowledge requirements for step one are found on the NZCAA website , there is no direct URL to this so go to 'rules and more', go down to 'Advisory Circulars (ACs)' an click on AC61-1.3 which is for private pilot lisences. in the pdf document, the written syllabus starts on page 13.

The syllabus does change from time to time so there will need to be a system in place to update it as time goes on, if you have any ideas, contact me on my userpage 'Aerodrome'.