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I understand the contents of this page all right, but I'm a graduate of economics... I've tried to simplify the material for starting students but retain the awesome technical detail. Gmanius 06:31, 14 April 2007 (UTC)

There are some suggestions I want to make. First, I think it is very hard to understand concept of indifference curves and budget lines without graph, visual would be a good help there and I wish there is a tool to make graph on this editing page ( If there is please let me know). Secondly, should mathematical equation be put into this page to make it easier for people to understand the concept of IC and Budget line? I'm only doing undergraduate degree in economic and have limited knowledge about vector but I think equation like y=m1p1 + m2p2 should make it easier for people to understand or maybe put Cobb-Douglas utility function in. singhapan