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Would it be possible to make the subst template something like

{{subst:Tabbed portal <page name 1> <page name 2> <page name 3> ...}} ? Kim

I had two goals when I made "Make a portal": 1) to spend as little time as possible adapting the existing templates that were available for my own goal (creating Portal:Wiki) and 2) to try to make it relatively easy for other people to make use of a set of templates for making new portals. It was easiest for me to use the non-elegant approach of of not giving control over the page names, so you are forced to have names such as "Portal:Wiki/Page2". Someone who has a better understanding of templates can probably find another way to do this that would allow specification of the page names in the way you suggest. --JWS 15:10, 17 February 2008 (UTC)