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Today I created the Italian Wikiversity course. I noticed I've put the accents facing the wrong way on most of the vowels, and it could do with some pictures and audio. I will probably add those tomorrow. Anyway, feel free to edit it and all that. Wesmwatson 10:51, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

Sardinian + Illiterates[edit source]

The Sardinian language isn't very similar to Italian (it's questionable if it is an italian dialect), because evolved from latin separately from italian (wide use of italian went a lot after unification by the level of illiterates).
The modern italian derivated principally by northern italian dialects so it's more similar to them than to the southern ones (except Romanesco / Roman dialect).

1861 (Italy unified) - 78% Illiterates (can't write their sign)
 + 19,5% Semi-illiterates (estimated)
1881 - 62%
1911 - 38%
1931 - 21% (38% in the south)*
1951 - 13% (28% in the south)
 + 21% Semi-illiterates (first time when it's directely asked).
1961 - 8.4% (15% in the south)**
1971 - 5.2%
1981 - 3.1.%

C. M. Cipolla, Istruzione e sviluppo. Il declino dell'analfabetismo nel mondo occidentale, UTET, Torino 1971; C. Offe, Lo Stato nel capitalismo maturo, Etas Libri, Milano 1977; A. Petrucci, Scrivere e no. Politiche della scrittura e analfabetismo nel mondo, Editori Riuniti, Roma 1987; H.J. Graff, Storia dell'alfabetizzazione occidentale, Il Mulino, Bologna 1989; D. Marchesini, Il bisogno di scrivere. Usi della scrittura nell'Italia moderna, Laterza, Roma-Bari 1992.

 * Until 1910 (law legge 345 del giugno 1910) the radio had militar technology status, 1924 first official public transmitter station, 1937 firsts low price.
 ** 1949 experimental Tv transissions, 1954 official start of Tv transmissions, 1957 full signal cover (360k subscribers, usually people go to bar (pubs) o velthy neighbours/relatives to watch in), 60s goes to mass. From its starts programs follow a pedagogic purpose, like the famous Non è mai troppo tardi (It's never too late) 1960-1968, preceded by 'Telescuola' ('tele' + school) 1958-1966.

Have a nice day!
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